The Stories
in Your DNA

Teri Grey, Board Certified Genealogist

Hi, I’m Teri.

As a professional genealogist, I focus on connecting generations young and old.

Whether you’re looking into your family history or curious about your DNA testing results, I can help you understand the science and unravel the story.

Perhaps you’ve already done a little digging but have run into roadblocks along the way. I can help you break down the barriers and dig deeper. In fact, I specialize in finding the missing pieces to hard-to-crack relationship puzzles.

I work closely with my clients to answer any questions and provide thorough explanations along the way. I pride myself on offering professional genealogical research with a personal touch.

You don’t have to live with unanswered questions.

I have helped hundreds of people connect with their past and present in ways they never thought possible. View the Services page to find a more detailed list of my offerings or contact me for a consultation.


Genealogy Services

Family History

Family History

  • Trying to locate your ancestors?
  • Trying to determine the country or town your ancestors came from?
  • Do you qualify for a lineage society – DAR, SAR or Mayflower?
  • Don’t know how to start and want a consultation on your research?
Genetic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy

  • Have you done a DNA test but don’t know how to use the results?
  • Are you wondering how DNA testing can help you resolve questions about your ancestral lines?
Adoptee DNA Assistance

Adoptee DNA Assistance

  • Need help searching for a birth parent?
  • Completed DNA testing, now what?
  • Looking to have your family pedigree constructed?
Genealogy Lectures & Workshops

Lectures & Workshops

  • Getting started with genetic genealogy
  • Using a genealogical site
  • How to use the Leeds Method or Quick and Dirty Trees
  • Tailor a topic for your organization


Boston University
National Genealogical Society Member
apg member
Excelsior College Genetic Genealogy
American Ancestors New England Historic Genealogical Society
ProGen Alumni