Family History

Finding your ancestors requires more than chasing a shaky leaf hint provided by an online service. Simply collecting ancestors from leaves can easily result in a family tree populated with someone else’s relatives. Your family history is unique and deserves an individually tailored research strategy designed to achieve your genealogical goals.

Whether you are interested in one ancestral line or a specific ancestor, research begins with an interview to learn about your goals and any prior research you have conducted. A targeted research proposal is prepared which considers both on-line and off-line records and an estimated budget. Once approved, a retainer is required. Research results are highly dependent on the specific research goals and availability of records. You will be kept apprised of the research as it progresses, and if there are challenges encountered in meeting the original goal. Together we will determine whether to adjust the project.

Your final report will include an executive summary of the research, identification of the records consulted, copies or extracts of documents found, my analysis and findings, and as appropriate a pedigree chart. Future research steps will also be identified if warranted.

Whether you are curious about your past, trying to locate a town of origin for an immigrant ancestor, seeking to qualify for a lineage society, stuck on a brick wall, or planning a trip to an ancestral land, focused individualized research is worth your investment.

Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, DC

War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrant