Lectures and Workshops

Using genetic genealogy requires skills in a variety of tools. My genetic genealogy presentations are offered both in-person or via Zoom and provide both educational and practical tips. Topics can be tailored for your organization. Recent topics include:

Digging Deeper into AncestryDNA Matches

Do you have pages of AncestryDNA matches but little idea of how to organize or use them to find or verify ancestors? AncestryDNA has added many new tools that can help sort and find key matches and allow you to organize tDNA matches into genetic networks to help locate ancestors. Whether you are trying to break down a brick wall or verify a lineage, your AncestryDNA matches offer a gold mine of information.

Getting Started with GEDmatch

As GEDmatch continues to add sophisticated tools, do you wonder how to get started with this powerful DNA analysis tool? Get step by step instructions on how to set up an account, upload DNA tests and utilize the variety of tools available on this third party website.

DNA Painter: Finding the Ancestors in Your Chromosomes

If you have ever wondered how to use DNA segments to help you advance your genealogy? DNA Painter provides the answer. By painting various DNA segments that trace back to specific ancestral couples onto your corresponding chromosomes, you can create a DNA map of your ancestors. Using this map, you can infer where other DNA matches might share ancestors. This lecture steps you through setting up and using DNA Painter to map your chromosomes.

Getting Started with Family Tree DNA

A variety of DNA tests are offered by Family Tree DNA, including autosomal, mitochondrial and Y-DNA. How do you use the different DNA and tools at this site to help analyze your various DNA matches and make progress in your genealogy? This lecture looks at these various tests and tools available at this site and how to get started using them.

DNA Matches without a Tree – Now What?

So many DNA matches, and so few family trees. We all struggle with how to use our DNA matches when they fail to provide trees. Now you can learn how to quickly construct family trees for many of your treeless matches and use their DNA to help break down your brick walls.

Breaking Down Brick Walls with DNA – Case Studies

So you have tested, sorted and mapped your chromosomes, now how do you use this information to break down brick walls? We will explore the use of DNA to find the family of a 2nd great grandmother and a identify a 4th great grandmother. You can use the described techniques in your own efforts to break through brick walls.


Can you tailor a lecture for my genealogy group?
Yes, after an initial consultation, presentations can be tailored to the topic or format of your group.
Do you offer remote lectures?
Yes, Zoom lectures can be organized for your group. These typically last 45-50 minutes with time for questions at the end.